Who We Can Help?

1) Those who do not respond to certain medications and/or surgeries. Many patients come here after trying everything as the last result. Our services provide a second chance for the patients and in most cases it changes someone’s life.

2) Those who cannot tolerate certain medications/surgical procedures, those who want to avoid/postpone certain medications/surgeries, and those who take too many medications. Our services provide natural, non-invasive and effective therapies. Daily examples are acid reflux, migraines, insomnia, sciatica, joint pain, chronic infections, IBS, menopausal syndrome, and pregnant women with fetus in breech position

3) Those who use chemo, radiation, interferon treatment and surgeries. Our services promote and support modern medicine by minimizing the side effects and strengthening the immune function, improving mental and physical functions, and speeding up the recovery.

 4) Those who have some rare disorders not understood and not treated by modern medicine  because of lack of studies and treatment protocol. With over 3,000 years of history and accumulated literature, traditional Chinese medicine offers remedies for various ailments, such as numbness (in the head, face, limbs), lack of saliva after surgery/radiation, excessive/drooping saliva, dry skin, over sweating, dry eye, tearing, cold hands/feet, cold abdomen, losing hair, missing sense like taste and smell, facial paralysis post Bell’s palsy or stroke, bitter/metallic taste in the mouth, stiffness in the joints, unexplained skin rash, and etc.

5) Those who are at risk to prevent certain diseases. Traditional Chinese medicine is a holistic form of health care with such an emphasis on prevention. For example, breast cancer is a prevailing disease among women. Once the lump is detectable, the system has been diseased for at least 12 years with energy imbalance (toxin), and signs such as changes with emotions and menstrual cycles. For another example, most man prostate issue approaching and passing 50. Traditional Chinese medicine helps not only to improve the urinary functions/symptoms, but also to prevent prostate cancer. Very often, many patients come to prevent flu during the season or when close family members have flu.

6) Those who are under extreme stress. Stress is the leading cause to many health conditions. All patients find acupuncture treatments extremely relaxing and refreshing.

7) Looking for infertility treatment in Århus, those women with infertility trying to be pregnant on their own or on fertility treatment like IUI and IVF. Acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine promote fertility well supported by the literature from the past and scientific studies of now days. We often treat men for infertility as they contribute up to 40% to the entire infertility cases.
Evidences supported by the ancient literature of Traditional Chinese Medicine and scientific studies of acupuncture nowadays show that acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine could promote fertility actively. Our acupuncturists would provide specific acupuncture treatments to each infertility individual with their high technical acupuncture skills which have already contributed up to 60% to successful infertility cases in our clinic.